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Heroic Commander Adventure

Choose Your Class and Skills

Choosing your class and skills may quite possibly be the most important and engaging aspect of role playing games. As such, Heroic Commander Adventure takes its classes and skills seriously. With 21 class possibilities divided into single class and dual class specializations, there are plenty of choices that will cater to different playstyles. As players level up, they will choose their skills and talents from a wide variety available to their chosen class or classes. You won't be able to obtain every skill or talent though, so your choices will matter in helping you create your unique character and role.




Engaging Combat

Heroic Commander Adventure (HCA) offers a unique spin on combat that minimizes the role of randomness and focuses on making encounters feel more active. Rather than relying heavily on various random die rolls for things like damage, defense, hits, and misses, HCA uses a single defense reaction die roll system for combat.


When a hero or enemy makes an attack, the defending hero or enemy can choose to either block or dodge if they are able. The defender then rolls a single die based on their block or dodge stat to see if their defense is successful. A successful block or dodge allows a player to avoid damage completely. Choosing not to block/dodge or failing a block/dodge roll results in a successful attack. This single die roll mechanic allows combat to move more quickly, resulting in more engaging combat encounters.

The combat dynamics and hero skills in HCA are designed to be an interesting mix of traditional tabletop turn-based role playing game (RPG) and modern action RPG video game mechanics, resulting in faster and more interactive encounters that focus on player choice and strategy.

Combat System

Teamwork Matters

The greatest adventure stories ever told always include more than one hero, and Heroic Commander Adventure is no different. You will need to work closely with your teammates, utilizing each of your unique skills and strengths to overcome the challenges that await you.


Whether you ensure everyone's HP is replenished as a Healer, blast groups of enemies with fiery meteors as an Elementalist, summon bears to maul enemies as a Druid, or rush into the fray as a Legionnaire, your unique role will be essential to the survival and success of the team.



Challenging Enemies

Heroic Commander Adventure includes 52 enemies and 15 bosses. Each enemy and boss is unique and has access to 4 different active skills in addition to their standard attacks. You won't find useless fodder enemies in HCA. Every enemy will present a unique challenge to be learned and overcome!

Explore and Discover

Heroic Commander Adventure also offers a unique spin on exploration. The HCA World Board is shrouded in mystery when the game begins, and Adventurers uncover each World Tile as they move and explore the world. What will you discover as you move into uncharted territory? Dangerous enemies? Terrible traps? Special events? A Landmark? Treasure?

When Adventurers discover a Landmark Tile, gameplay shifts to the Adventure Board. Adventure Boards can symbolize a variety of locations, including ancient castles, dark mines, spooky mansions, or creepy forests. Adventurers will also need to explore these Landmark locations, revealing each Adventure Tile as they move.

HCA campaign quests will require Adventurers to travel the world and delve through Landmarks to defeat enemies, find treasure, and more!


Fully Customizable Gameplay

The open-ended nature of Heroic Commander Adventure (HCA) means that no two adventures will ever be the same. Even when playing through the same campaign twice, your experience will be different depending on the choices you and the Adventure Master make. You might discover a secret you missed the first time. You might fight new enemies or old enemies with a different set of skills. You might choose a different class or skills. You might encounter new events. HCA offers excellent replayability!


HCA is also designed to be fully customizable. Players can create their own alternative rules, difficulty scaling, new classes and skills, and campaigns. Players can also modify game assets or add their own new assets, such as figurines. The possibilities are endless!

Game Requirements

Heroic Commander Adventure requires access to Steam and Tabletop Simulator on either PC or MAC. Participants in structured sessions led by Heroic Commander Adventures will also need access to Discord and a microphone for voice communication. A webcam is not necessary unless video chat is desired during sessions. Steam, Tabletop Simulator, and Discord are all 3rd party software provided by their respective owners/publishers and unaffiliated with Heroic Commander Adventures.

Click the button below to check out the Demo Version of Heroic Commander Adventure on Tabletop Simulator and Steam.

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