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About Us


Heroic Commander Adventures was started in 2020 by Curtis Castro, who also created the Heroic Commander and Heroic Commander Adventure games. While testing both Heroic Commander games, Curt realized two very important things:

1) He loved teaching and guiding players through the games just as much as he loved creating and playing them.

2) It would be extremely useful to have a centralized tool for helping people come together to play virtual/online tabletop strategy and role playing games.

And thus, Heroic Commander Adventures was born as means to both allow people to enjoy the Heroic Commander games and make it easier for people to find and enjoy meaningful virtual/online tabletop strategy and role playing experiences.

Commitment to Excellence

Heroic Commander Adventures (HCA) is committed to excellence. Excellence can certainly be quite a subjective matter; however, Heroic Commander Adventures adheres to a very specific perspective on excellence defined by the following 4 foundational tenets:

1) HCA gaming experiences must respect the time of the player. This means that HCA is committed to designing gaming experiences that do not waste players' time with convoluted, overly complex, or meaningless systems that are designed to unnecessarily prolong the players' gaming experience...usually for the purpose of manipulating players into spending more time and money on a game than is truly necessary. HCA is committed to design that allows for differing levels of time commitment and focuses on what matters most: having a fun and engaging experience.

2) HCA gaming experiences must respect the agency of the player. This means that HCA is committed to designing gaming experiences that are fair, accessible and meaningful to players of differing skill levels, promote player agency and choice, allow for house/alternate rules and mods, and promote meaningful strategy and interaction. HCA is also committed to engaging in meaningful dialogue with the player community in an effort to enhance experiences.

3) HCA gaming experiences must respect the finances of the player. This means that HCA stands against all gaming experiences and business practices that are aimed at manipulating players into spending unnecessary amounts of money to enjoy the experiences and services offered by HCA. HCA is committed to providing services at exceptional and fair value with as little cost to the player as possible.

4) HCA gaming experiences must respect the humanity of the player. This means that HCA stands against all mistreatment, exploitation, and oppression of people for any reason, including race/ethnicity, sexual identity, or financial status. All people are to be treated with kindness, respect, and dignity at all times. Also, HCA stands against all illegal behavior. Anyone who engages in illegal behavior or mistreatment of others will not be able to be a member of the HCA community.

Rules of Conduct

All members of the Heroic Commander Adventures community must agree to the following Rules of Conduct:

1. Harassment, sexism, racism, verbal abuse, antagonism, bigotry, prejudice, and hate speech of any kind is not allowed and will not be tolerated at any time.

2. Pornographic, graphically violent, and any type of illegal content is not allowed during HCA activities. This includes attachments, photos, videos, and links pertaining to such material, as well as text-based and verbal discussion of such material.

3. Profanity is not allowed in text-based messages, as well as in nicknames or usernames. Suggestive language that includes content listed in Items 1 and 2 above is also not allowed in nicknames or usernames. Occasional and light profanity may occur during voice chat interactions; however, such occasions may never include content listed in Items 1 and 2 above. Please limit or refrain from profanity when interacting with others verbally to help make our community experience as positive and enjoyable as possible. Always be respectful, kind, and considerate to one another.

4. Advertisement/promotion/solicitation of content unrelated to Heroic Commander Adventure is not allowed. This includes directing others to specific non Heroic Commander Adventure related content via messages, links, etc. in an attempt to promote said content and/or garner traffic toward said content. This includes self-promotion of personal websites and social media sites. This does not include general discussion of various other games or content when discussing Heroic Commander Adventure or providing feedback, especially when such discussion is not used with the intent of promoting said games or content.

5. Community members must not impersonate other members or official Heroic Commander Adventures staff members. Also, members must not falsely claim connection to any official roles and/or capacities within Heroic Commander Adventures' organizational structure and staffing.

6. HCA does not provide members' information to other members or any 3rd parties.

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