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Heroic Commander

Board Game and Card Game Strategy Meet

Heroic Commander offers a unique blend of board game and card game strategy. The goal of the game is simple: players must remove all of their opponents' board EC pieces before their own board EC pieces are removed. However, players will need to use a combination of strategic board piece movements and card skills in order to be victorious.


Build Your Own Card Deck

In Heroic Commander, each player builds their own 40 card deck from a total of 61 different cards, each with either 1 or 2 skills to choose from. Card decks cannot be modified once the game begins.


Cards are divided into 4 types: Units (average and moderately strong skills), Support (average support skills), Elite (very strong skills), and Heroic (the strongest skills). While players can add many different Unit and Support cards to their deck, they can only add 2 Elite cards and 1 Heroic card.

Players will have plenty of strategies, deck builds, and play styles to discover as they learn to master the game!


Card Deck Building

Skill Based Gameplay Without Random Chance

Heroic Commander is designed to be played without the interference of random chance elements. There are no die rolls, deck shuffling, or random card drawing aspects to the game. Players will rely solely on their choices and skill to emerge victorious.

When players draw a new card from their decks, they are allowed to look through their decks and choose any card they wish. Also, every player has the same cards available to them when building their deck. Thus, when the game begins, the outcome rests solely on players' choices instead of randomness or varying access to specific cards.

No Random Gameplay

A Variety of Gameplay Styles

Heroic Commander can be played in a variety of styles. In addition to the Basic Style of gameplay, players can add elements to the game to increase the layers of strategy present in the gameplay.

For example, when playing Heroic Style or Commander Style games, players can add name decals to their board EC that match the cards in their deck. Players will then only be able to use cards as long as they have board EC with the same name decal.

When playing Roleplaying Style games, players will choose to roleplay as one specific character, and they will only be able to use cards associated with that character.

Players can also add Quest Cards to any game style. Quest Cards function as challenges that require players to accomplish a specific Task in order to receive a Reward.

Fully Customizable Gameplay

Heroic Commander is designed so that no two matches will ever be the same. Your experience will be different depending on the choices you and your opponents make. You might choose different cards next time. You might use different skills. Your opponents may do the same. You might try a different game style. Heroic Commander offers excellent replayability!


Heroic Commander is also designed to be fully customizable. Players can create their own alternative rules, new skills, and gameplay styles. Players can also modify game assets or add their own new assets, such as figurines. The possibilities are endless!

Game Requirements

Heroic Commander requires access to Steam and Tabletop Simulator on either PC or MAC. Participants in structured sessions led by Heroic Commander Adventures will also need access to Discord and a microphone for voice communication. A webcam is not necessary unless video chat is desired during sessions. Steam, Tabletop Simulator, and Discord are all 3rd party software provided by their respective owners/publishers and unaffiliated with Heroic Commander Adventures.

Click the button below to check out the Demo Version of Heroic Commander on Tabletop Simulator and Steam.

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