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Heroic Commander

Heroic Commander is a 2 to 4 player competitive game that combines elements of strategy games, role playing games (RPGs), and collectible card games.

Players utilize a combination of card skills and board piece movements in an attempt to remove all of their opponents' pieces from the board before their own pieces are removed.

Game Features:

  • A variety of competitive and semi competitive/cooperative game styles to choose from.

  • Each player builds their own deck of 40 cards, with 61 cards to choose from.

  • A focus on player skill and choice rather than random chance.

  • Easy to learn and fun to master.

  • Fully customizable rules and gameplay elements.

  • Excellent replayability.

  • Approximately 1 to 2 hours per game, depending on player number and game style.


Heroic Commander Adventure

Heroic Commander Adventure is a 2 to 5 player role playing game in which an Adventure Master guides a team of 1 to 4 players through an immersive adventure campaign full of quests, combat encounters, character progression, and treasure.

Game Features:

  • A variety of avatars and 21 different classes.

  • 128 different active skills across all classes.

  • 24 different talents (passive bonuses and ability/skill modifiers).

  • World Board map exploration with a variety of terrains.

  • Adventure Board map exploration for specific locations.

  • 52 enemies and 15 bosses, each with 4 unique skills.

  • A variety of weapons, shields, armor, accessories, class items, and items.

  • A unique single die defensive reaction combat system.

  • Easy to learn and fun to master.

  • Fully customizable rules, campaign, and gameplay elements.

  • Excellent replayability, with many hours worth of gameplay.

  • Gameplay sessions can be short (30 mins.) or long (many hours).


Game Requirements

Both Heroic Commander and Heroic Commander Adventure require access to Steam and Tabletop Simulator on either PC or MAC. Participants in structured sessions led by Heroic Commander Adventures will also need access to Discord and a microphone for voice communication. A webcam is not necessary unless video chat is desired during sessions. Steam, Tabletop Simulator, and Discord are all 3rd party software provided by their respective owners/publishers and unaffiliated with Heroic Commander Adventures.

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